Videos of Massimo Capra cooking some great recipes from the Marc & Mandy Show

Tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce
February 9, 2016 |
Chef Massimo Capra shares a steak recipe with green peppercorn sauce that's perfect for date night.

Chef Massimo's profiteroles
February 9, 2016 |
A quick stop at a grocery store, a little assembly at home, and you've got a fancy French dessert!

Winter vegetable cannelloni
January 26, 2016 |
This combination of pulses, turnips and squash works really well and is an easy meatless meal.

Crispy pork schnitzel with lime-chili slaw

January 26, 2016 |
Chef Randy Feltis's budget-friendly pork schnitzel recipe made from pork loin is perfect paired with his fresh lime-chili slaw.

Roasted spiced chicken with stuffed tomatoes and five lilies sauce
April 14, 2015 |
Wow your Saturday night date with Chef Massimo's flavour-packed roast chicken recipe.

Skillet pizza with Brie, prosciutto, pistachio pesto‎ and pear
April 14, 2015 |
Chef Randy Feltis' skillet pizza is ready for your Friday night dinner faster than if you'd ordered delivery!

Maple bacon ice pops
April 14, 2015 |
Chef Randy Feltis' quick-to-make ice pops are the perfect mix of sweet and salty, plus they're oh-so-Canadian!

Lemon tarragon roasted chicken with vegetable & olive stew on rice
March 24, 2015 |
Having guests over for dinner but don't want to blow your budget? Chef Jason Parsons has the perfect money-saving meal for you.

Tuna meatballs with angel hair pasta
March 24, 2015 |
Chef Massimo Capra shares a tasty meal that won't break the bank.

Rib steak with scalloped‎ potato & mint cucumber salad
March 24, 2015 |
If you're looking to save your money but still eat lavishly, Chef Randy Feltis has the perfect recipe for you!

Bell peppers and chicken salad
March 2, 2015 |
Chef Massimo Capra makes a delicious salad that's jam-packed with fresh flavours

Champagne Zabaglione with berries & lemon pound cake
February 10, 2015 |
Chef Massimo Capra makes a French twist on this classic Italian dessert!

Saffron poached pears with a lemon brandy flambé
February 10, 2015 |
Chef Jason Parsons creates a quick yet impressive dessert that will light your hearts on fire for Valentine's Day.

Chicken, cheese and prosciutto skewers dipped in a spicy chocolate molé
February 10, 2015 |
Sweet and spicy, all in one! Chef Jason Parsons makes a delicious appetizer that's perfect for Valentine's Day.

February 10, 2015 |
Chef Massimo Capra makes a hearty Cataplana, a Portuguese-inspired fish soup.

Tilapia filet and bay scallops with grits-style polenta
January 27, 2015 |
This simple seafood and polenta dish from Massimo Capra is easy to whip up for a great weeknight dinner!

Seared strip steak with sweet corn salsa and 6-minute potato rosti
January 27, 2015 |
Chef Randy Feltis shows us a quick savory steak dish with simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

Atlantic salmon with citrus couscous and saffron wine sauce
January 27, 2015 |
Chef Jason Parsons pairs delicate salmon with bright citrus flavours in this delicious weeknight dinner.

Shrimp and grits
December 30, 2014 |
Add a bit of Southern flavour to your party with these easy mini mains from Chef Randy Feltis.

Poutine fountain
December 30, 2014 |
Wow your party guests with this amazing gravy fountain for a make-your-own poutine bar from Chef Randy Feltis!

Beef tenderloin with cauliflower purée and mustard croquettes
December 30, 2014 |
Want a taste of Chef Jason Parsons' New Year's Eve menu in your own home? Impress your guests with his mouthwatering beef tenderloin!

Melting chocolate dome
December 30, 2014 |
Every great party needs an amazing dessert! Chef Massimo Capra's chocolate domes filled with white chocolate lemon cake will melt any chocolate lover's heart.

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